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People ask what type of dog breed Zeus is all the time. When I say “Cane Corso” I get clueless looks, like I just spoke to them in a different language. The name is Italian, so it makes sense. I would have a hard time registering it if I had no prior knowledge of the breed myself. Usually when that look appears, I’ll add in “he is an Italian Mastiff” and then it goes away.

From all of my dog research I know that both a St. Bernard and a Great Dane fall under the “mastiff” breed type category in addition to the Cane Corso. But that got me thinking, what other types of mastiffs are out there? Check out the list below of 25 different mastiff breeds.

  1. Abruzzese Mastiff (also known as the Mastino Abruzzese)
  2. Alangu Mastiff (also known as the Bully Kutta or the Pakistani Mastiff)
  3. Alpine Mastiff (also known as the St. Bernard)
  4. American Mastiff
  5. Argentinian Mastiff (also known as the Dogo Argentino)
  6. Brazilian Mastiff (also known as the Fila Brasileiro)
  7. Bullmastiff
  8. Canary Mastiff (also known as the Presa Canario or Perro de Presa Canario)
  9. Cuban Mastiff (also known as the Dogo Cubano) now extinct
  10. Dutch Mastiff (also known as the Pug)
  11. English Mastiff (often refereed to as simply Mastiff)
  12. French Mastiff (also known as the Dogo de Bordeaux)
  13. German Mastiff (also known as the Great Dane)
  14. Indian Mastiff (also known as the Kumaon Mastiff or Bulli)
  15. Italian Mastiff (also known as the Cane Corso)
  16. Japanese Mastiff (also known as the Tosa Inu or Tosa)
  17. Korean Mastiff (also known as the Korean Dosa Mastiff)
  18. Neapolitan Mastiff (also known as the Mastino or Mastini)
  19. Persian Mastiff (also known as the Iranian Mastiff, Sarabi Mastiff, or Sarabi Shepherd Dog)
  20. Portuguese Mastiff (also known as the Rafeiro do Alentejo or Alentejo Mastiff)
  21. Puerto Rican Mastiff (also known as the Gran Mastín de Borinquen)
  22. Pyrenean Mastiff
  23. South African Mastiff (also known as the Boerboel or African Boerboel)
  24. Spanish Mastiff (also known as the Mastín Español)
  25. Tibetan Mastiff


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