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Raw Hides Can Kill

You should never leave your pup unattended with a rawhide bone. Doing so could lead to the end of your beloved animals life.

The other day my brother and I were heading out of the house, I locked Zeus up in the kitchen like usual and he put his puppy Chevy into his kennel. When he scooped up Chevy to bring him into the other room and put him away, he also grabbed the rawhide bone that was being chewed on.

Immediately I panicked and told him to not leave that in the kennel with Chevy, and he looked at me like I was crazy. This is not crazy, and if you do not know this now please ingrain it in your brain because dogs should never be left unattended with rawhide bones.

Have you ever watched a dog chew a rawhide? After a little while it gets all slimy and soft like and sometimes you’ll grab the bone from your dog and its like you are pulling it from a deep black hole because it just keeps coming out. This is because part of the bone was basically sitting in your dogs throat. Dogs can easily choke on these bones. They stick to their tongues and end up in their throats, and could result in their airway becoming blocked which could lead to death.

Dogs should never be left with raw hides at night or when they are put away in a pen or kennel. You might think it will be nice to give them something to chew on/play with while you are away but a rawhide could end up harming your animal – not giving them any fun. If you want to give your dog something to chew on choose a toy or bone that crumbles easily instead.

Raw hides are great to use for an occasional treat, to help with chewing, and to entertain your dog but they should be used with caution.


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