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How to Treat a Dog Bite

Zeus and I visited Bear Creek Dog Park today and witnessed a dog bite. A little English bulldog jumped up to grab a stick from a woman (who was not his owner) and missed and but her hand. So that got me thinking, what exactly are you supposed to do when you suffer a dog bite.


If you are bitten by a dog on your neck or head, call 911 immediately. If you are experiencing a lot of blood loss, call 911 immediately.



Letting the wound bleed for a short amount of time is OK, as it may help clean out bacteria. Apply pressure to the would for five minutes, if the wound is still bleeding persistently after applying pressure seek immediate medical attention. Clean out the wound with an antibacterial soap and water. Avoid using peroxide or alcohol as it can slow the healing process for puncture wounds. Bandaging puncture wounds usually isn’t necessary, but they can be covered if desired.




Clean out with peroxide or alcohol and apply a topical antibiotic and a bandage.


If you are bitten by a dog that is not your own, find out if the dog has had his or her rabies shot. Don’t just take the owners word for it, exchange contact information so you can be given hard proof (vet records) that the dog is in fact up-to-date on shots. it is wise to also call the vet to double check the information you have been given is accurate.



Always consult a medical professional if you are unsure about how to take care of a dog bite. It should be noted that the information in this post was not written by a medical professional.


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