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Gift Ideas for the Dog Obsessed Lady

As I get older I find that gift giving is becoming more and more difficult. Maybe it’s because I have been buying for the same friends and family members for a decade, I never remember to write down the things that people say they want for later reference, or that I can’t afford to splurge on everyone without going broke. Gift giving isn’t easy, especially when you are on a budget. With the holidays coming up (and a whole bunch of birthdays), I planned to take a different approach on what to give this year.

I know the one thing in the cart I will put back is that extra dog toy or bone that I know my dog doesn’t actually need. Frankly, dog toys and treats are expensive and aren’t always things that I go out of my way to purchase. I know other people feel the same. So that got me thinking, why not give gifts based around dogs. After all, most of my friends are dog obsessed like I am. The gift ideas in the list below are perfect ideas for the crazy dog lady in your life (and most of them are super affordable)! This list contains over 60 ideas including decor, clothing, jewelry, pet accessories, and a whole bunch of items to make dog mom life easier. Happy shopping!


If she loves to decorate the house and keep things neat and tidy (in a clean fashion) some of these gift ideas might be perfect for her!

  • Throw Pillow: Gift a fun throw pillow to add some flair to her bedroom or living room. There are pillows that have dog faces, paw prints, and dog quotes out there if you search around. Or just purchase my favorite, the Dog Hair Don’t Care throw pillow by Grain and Dot.
  • Toy Bin: Do you have dog toys scattered throughout the house? Get a cute bin that they can all go in.
  • Art Work: Canvas paintings, metal cut outs, framed quotes, dog figurines, and the list goes on…
  • Hooks: Dog leashes and collars everywhere? Gift her a cute hook to place by the door so she can hang them all up stylishly.
  • Dog Bed: Not just any dog bed, but one that matches the house decor. If they furniture and walls are gray and you have blue accent pillows, but the dog bed is a green color that just doesn’t fit – why not upgrade.
  • Personalized Dog Bowls: You might have basic dog bowls, but why not upgrade them to ones that match her kitchen decor? Have multiple dogs? Maybe get cute bowls with each dogs name on them (and obviously make sure they go with the pre-existing decor in the room where they will be set out in).


If she has a love for fashion and dressing up and she likes to dress Fido up too, these gifts may be a good fit.


  • Shirt: There are plenty of shirts out there with dog silhouettes and cute dog sayings. If you want to step it up a notch from there, try out Pop Your Pup. You simply submit a photo of your dog and they will recreate it on a top for you!
  • Socks: Socks with her favorite dog breed are definitely a great gift idea… and fuzzy socks with her favorite dog breed would surely be a hit.
  • Scarf: Paw prints or puppies on a scarf? Why wouldn’t she wear it?
  • Necklace/Bracelet: A necklace with her dog’s breed in silhouette form and maybe another charm with her pup’s name? This is jewelry I would love.
  • Rings: If she loves rings, get a ring in the shape of her dog breed. I purchased a ring that resembles my Cane Corso (it is labeled as a pit bull ring, but I don’t think you can tell the different) from Adorn the Hunter.
  • Tote: Most of us ladies carry items with us. So why not do it in style? Gift a cute tote with the face of her dog breed from Mono Faces.


  • Collars/Leads: Why not upgrade her pups collar or leash? Check out these from Harbor Hound & Co.
  • Dog Tags: If you want to up the dog tag game, Etsy is your go to place. We ordered a new tag for our dog recently from The Wooden Willow. It’s rustic looking and was affordable.
  • Dog Clothes: If she dolls up her dog with puppy clothing, why not purchase her some new outfits to try out? Fido may hate you, but she’ll get a kick out of her dog trying out the new ensembles.


Is her nose constantly in a book or is she always telling you about some new dog fact she read about online? Maybe one of these gifts would be a good match.

  • Magazines: Why not purchase a subscription to a dog related magazine like Modern Dog? She’ll get new articles all year to read about.
  • Books: Books can be a great choice for many reasons. If she is about to get a puppy I recommend Cesar Milan’s How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond. If she likes a good lovable story Marley & Me is always a pick and The Dogist is always a good choice for a book to have out on a coffee table.


Does she down multiple cups of coffee a day? Get her something to remind her of what a great dog mom she is.

  • Coffee Mug: I swear I collect cute coffee mugs without trying. Every time I see a cute mug that references puppies, I have to have it. Give the Dog Mom you know a fun mug like this one from Sarah’s Golden Designs.
  • Travel Mug: If she takes her coffee with her while she is on the go, a travel mug may be a better fit. You could custom design one from Shutterfly.


If she is a wino, why not get her another cute glass (or set of glasses) to add to her collection?

  • Wine Glass


  • Beer Koozie: Why not gift an adorable beer koozie to keep her can cold? Order yours from Harbor Hound Co.


Cleaning up after the dog isn’t always a fun job, it definitely gets annoying for those clean freaks out there. Why not help a girl out and make her stress less about the mess.

  • Vacuum: Have dog hair everywhere around the house even though you vacuum ALL THE TIME? It may be time for an upgrade. Invest in a high quality vacuum so she can spend less time dragging the vacuum all over the house. Note: her dog will most likely hate you for this one.
  • Car Seat Cover: If she takes her pup with her wherever she goes, this may be an excellent gift choice. Get a cover that drapes over the backseat so when Fido gets in, he isn’t leaving his hair, slobber or dirty paw prints all over her nice car seats.
  • Dog Food Container: Not only do dog food containers keep food fresh, they also eliminate the bag of food falling over and spilling everywhere.
  • Gate: Want to keep the dog out of certain areas of the house? Purchase (and install) a gate that locks Buddy out of the room with the white couch.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Does the dog dirty the carpets often? Invest in a carpet cleaner, or be like me and find a Groupon to get a company to do the cleaning for her at an affordable rate.


When I give gifts, I often try to think of things that would make life better for the person I am giving to. Being a dog mom can often come with extra work. Whether its training, playing, exercising or bathing – if someone made these tasks easier for me I would sure love them!


  • Ball Launcher: Does she have a dog who is ball crazy? Throwing the ball a million times can be tiring, head to the pet store and pick up a ball launcher like the ChuckIt!. Her arm will be less tired, and the ball will go way farther.
  • A Ball that Can be Seen at Night: Instead of losing the ball after playing outside in the dark (or having it lidge into the snow never to be seen again until Spring), gift a ball that glows or lights up like the ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball.


  • Bones: One of the best things that keep my dog busy are new bones. Entertaining for hours at a time, a new bone can be my lifesaver when I need to get some things done without the dog all over me. Bones aren’t always cheap though, and sometimes I find it hard to purchase a high quality antler bone for myself. Purchase her one of these or a pack of raw hides for the times when Fluffy is bored or when she needs to grind out a long list.


  • Hands Free Leash: If she is a runner or maybe a mom who has a stroller and goes on daily walks who has no free hands. Eliminate the need to grip the leash with her hands by gifting a leash that sits around her waist like Outward Hound’s Hands-Free Hipster leash.


  • E-Collar: An e-collar is a great investment to assist with training. I recommend the SportDOG FieldTrainer. This waterproof collar has made my life so much easier, and I wish I would have purchased it right away after bringing home a puppy.
  • Training Class: We took our dog to two training classes when he was a puppy, and it was definitely some of the best money I have spent. He came out of the class a different and much more behaved dog. Gifting a group training class or one on one training is definitely something a dog mom will look back at and be thankful for.


  • Grooming Services: If you are anything like me, you probably hate giving your dog a bath. For one, the bathtub is too small and I don’t have a fancy shower head that I can grab and move around. I certainly would cherish a gift card to a groomer or a self-wash store like Wag N’ Wash.


Many of us have full time jobs. Between working 40+ hours a week, fitting time in for family and friends, and if you have children there isn’t always that time to get Buddy outside to burn some energy.

  • Doggy Daycare Passes: A place where dogs can play together all day. Sounds like so much fun and so much pent up energy draining out of your pup. These services can be costly, so passes or gift cards make an excellent gift. Be sure to check what policies the care center has, some do not allow dogs who are not spayed/neutered.
  • Dog Walker: While out at work, someone can stop over and let your dog out and take them on a nice long walk. There are ton’s of people out there that offer this service for a fee!
  • Dog Poop Assistance: Cleaning up dog poop is not fun. It stinks, and depending on the time of year it can be a pain (a.k.a. Dog poop stuck in the icy snow). Like dog walkers, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to take care of this duty for you for a fee. Find a service, or hire Johnny from down the street to try it out!
  • Doggy Door: In the last house I rented we had a dog door that lead outside. The days of getting up to let the dog outside every couple of hours or feeling like a terrible dog mom because he was stuck inside while I was at work were gone. My dog could let himself in and out as he wanted. I miss having this dog door so much, and when I get the chance I will make sure that we have one again. What an amazing gift this would be!
  • Fenced-In Yard: If you want to eliminate the need to go outside with your dog every time he has to pee you’ll 1. Want to make sure they are very very very well trained , or 2. Invest in a fence. Let’s be honest, squirrels can make the best behaved dog break the rules and run into the street so having a fence is definitely a better option. Chain link, wood or invisible – a fence keeps the dog in and keeps this dog mama’s worry rate down and keeps her dog in the yard. Obviously this gift is a little more expensive, but it is still a good idea!


  • Crate on Wheels: If she travels and her dog is a bit too large to put under the seat in front of her, a crate with wheels may be a good gift option. Some crates may allow you to put wheels on them by using something like these MidWest Universal Crate Casters from Chewy.
  • Dog Carrier: If her dog is small enough to fit under her seat, why not gift a new carrier? Sometimes these can even come on wheels like the Bergan Wheeled Comfort Pet Carrier.
  • Collapsible Dog Bowls: Instead of her having to bring a full sized bowl that takes up a lot of space- gift a collapsible bowl that can lay flat and take up hardly any room at all. Check out the Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls from Healthypets.
  • Dog Bag: If you travel with your dog a lot you may find yourself filling up another gallon sized baggie with dog food and throwing bowls and toys in a plastic bag. When you are leaving every weekend this can get messy and you can end up misplacing things. Why not get her a nice b
  • Bottle/Bowl Combo: For those that take long walks with the dog or go on hikes, usually you want to bring water with. Instead of holding out the bottle and trying to pour it into your dog’s mouth, a bottle with a pop out bowl works best. Check out the Dexus Snack-DuO sold at Target, it even has space to hold food too!
  • Dog Pack: Why should a dog mom have to do all the heavy lifting? There are plenty of dog packs out there that your pup can strap on and wear. Make Fido carry his own stuff, and maybe even some of yours!


  • Dog Show Tickets: Purchase tickets to a local agility or dog show. You’ll have fun watching the performances and meeting new dogs and their owners.
  • Local Dog Events: Many cities offer local dog-friendly events. From bar crawls to 5K races, there is sure to be something in your town going on that she would love to bring her pup to. has postings for all types of events, check them out to find a local dog event near you.
  • Dog Friendly Mini-Vacation: Need to get away? Plan a weekend trip that Fido can come along on. Use the BarkHappy app to help you find places throughout the United States where the pup will be welcome!


  • Phone/Tablet Care: Customize a case to fit her smartphone or tablet and place a photo of her pup on it.
  • Mouse Pad: Gift a mouse pad that has been personalized to have a photo of her dog, so while she is at work she misses him a little less
  • Dog Video Monitor: Purchase and install a video monitor that she can use to keep an eye on her pup while he is at home.


If she loves to bake, get her a gift where she can share her talent with her pooch.

  • Dog Treat Cookbook: Searching through Pinterest is fun, but it is always nice to have an actual cookbook on hand to reference when you are in the kitchen with hands full of flour. Gift a cookbook that has recipes for homemade dog treats.
  • Paw Print Baking Pans or Cookie Cutters: In order to make the treats in the dog treat recipes, you may need a cupcake pan or cookie cutters. So why not up the game and make them into dog related shapes?


Is the lady you are gift shopping for a child? Why not get creative and get her a toy.

  • Cuddle Clone: Do you have a little girl who is stuffed animal obsessed? Why not get her a new stuffed animal that looks exactly like her puppy? Cuddle Clone allows you to submit a photo of your pet and get a replica in stuffed animal form.


Losing a dog has to be one of the worst things there is. Remind her of her beloved pooch by getting her a gift that helps her remember them.

  • Framed Photo: Purchase a nice frame and print of her favorite photo of the dog she recently lost. This is an easy and affordable gift that she is sure to love.


  • Ornament: If she celebrates Christmas, an ornament dedicated to her dog(s) for her tree is a great gift idea.


  • Movie Basket: Pair a good dog flick with a blanket, popcorn, popcorn bowl and candies (treats for the dog too, if they will be joining in). Some of the best dog movies include: Beethoven, Homeward Bound, Marley & Me, and Lady and the Tramp.


  • Pet Stairs:  When dogs get older, many times they aren’t able to jump as high. Meaning getting on your bed may be a struggle. If she has an elderly dog that she likes to snuggle with, gift some pet stairs that lead up to the bed (no jumping required).


  • Photography Session: Professional photos of the dog lover and their beloved pet will certainly be a hit. I don’t know about you, but I can never get a good photo of my dog sitting still (and looking happy about it). Why not leave it to a professional?
  • Monthly Subscription for Dog Products: The gift that keeps on giving to her beloved fur baby (for as many months as you subscribe). New dog treats, bones, and toys will be sent to her once a month while the subscription lasts. This is a great way to try out new products and find out what her dog may be interested in. Many companies offer this service, one of the most popular (and currently the subscription we use) is BarkBox.
  • TV Subscription: Did you know that there is a television network that exists that is made for dogs to watch? If she is all about making her pup happy and/or loves to watch dogs on TV, get her a subscription to DogTV.
  • Puppy: Probably the best gift on the list, would be for you to give her a real live puppy. Note that these come with a lot of responsibility and she may resent you at 2am when said puppy needs to go out and go potty again. This should not be limited to just 8-week old puppies though! There are many dogs out there looking for their forever homes who are grown up puppies – and they should never be forgotten! 

I’m hoping that some of these gift ideas give you a good start on your journey to giving the perfect present!

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