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Zeus knows when something comes in the mail and the contents inside are for him. I’m not sure if he can smell the yummy treats inside or that he just recognizes the look on my face when I take out the scissors to open the box.

Yesterday, we received our very first Kai Krate in the mail. Kai Krates is a company that offers dog box subscription services (A.K.A. dog stuff delivered to your door on a monthly basis). Zeus was anxiously awaiting my opening of the cardboard box and whined as I snapped a photo of the contents inside. Our box, like all Kai Krates, came with 2-3 toys and 2-4 treats and chews. What we received and some comments about the items are listed below. If you are interested in obtaining a Kai Krates subscription use discount code “DOGMOM” to receive 10% off your first box!




We received a Fido Naturals Belly Bone. The main ingredients in these bones are potato flour and rice flour. Fido makes their Belly Bones through pressure molding. They are said to be easy to digest and are intended to help clean teeth and freshen breath. The large size of the Belly Bone was a little small for Zeus, but he seemed to enjoy it (for the 30 seconds that it took



Our Kai Krate came with a 5oz bag of treats from Look Who’s Happy! The Tempt’n Tender treats came in the chicken and apple flavor. The treats include cage free chicken and no grains, gluten, glycerin, by-products, added hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.



This toy is awesome because it has two tennis balls. My dog can break through one pretty quickly, so that means this toy will last twice as long as the typical rope with a ball on it. All of Mammoth’s rope toys are meant to floss your dog’s teeth as they play with and chew on them. The rope is soft and is purple (my favorite). The toy fits comfortably in Zeus’ big mouth and he looks adorable carrying it around having the tennis balls hanging out of his jowels.



This natural rubber dog toy includes a squeaker that can’t fall out. Zeus is a huge fan of rubber toys he can hold in his mouth and chew on, so this toy was definitely the biggest hit out of our box. Because the bone has a squeaker (after all it is called the iSqueak) it is a noisy toy. Very fun for the dog, but not always fun for mom’s ears… but if he loves it, then so do I!


We were very happy with the quality of the toys and the treats we received in our first Kai Krate! If you want to receive a Kai Krate of your own, remember to use code “DOGMOM” at checkout when ordering to receive 10% off your first box. Gift cards are also available for purchase if you are looking to give a Kai Krate as a gift.


Check out Kai Krates on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


If you are looking for other subscription options, check out our Ultimate Guide to Dog Box Subscriptions which overviews __ companies who deliver dog goodies to your door!



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